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Order “You Will Live Forever” on multi-colored vinyl with digital download. Limited Edition.

SUNBEARS! – an indie / psychedelic / electronic pop duo hailing from Jacksonville, FL. Not unlike Wayne Coyne’s Flaming Lips, their live show is not to be missed. Interactive visuals and lighting astound the eyes and ears. Since forming in 2008, the band has released a handful of EP’s and a vinyl single. In May 2010, they were selected as one of the best unsigned bands by Alternative Press, and, as a result, tapped to record a song for the hit children\’s television show, Yo Gabba Gabba, as well performing several dates on the southeast tour of YGG’s “Super Music Friends Show”. Their song/video “Imagination Adventure” aired on YGG in Spring 2011. In March 2011, SUNBEARS! officially showcased at SXSW 2011 to a captive Austin audience.

Their amazing live show and sheer joy that their songs exude have put them in high demand on the road with support slots on national tours with Mates of State (Barsuk), The Black Kids (Columbia Records), Dredg and Gil Mantera’s Party Dream.

Recorded at NYC’s Singing Serpent Studios, SUNBEARS! channeled the ghost of The Dakota, instilling as much Plastic Ono Band as the aforementioned Lips, resulting in their their debut full length ‘You Will Live Forever’ (Nat’l Street Date: 11/22/11), a lesson in peace & love and their impact on an unforeseeable future.

4 thoughts on “Sunbears!”

  1. Kojima Yoshiyuki says:

    I would spend my eternity watching the artist pondering and creating. watching new tools of expression fading in and out. and maybe if I am lucky I will see the influence of an long dead style kept alive through generations of passing forward what they love to the next. Learning and witnessing things that my physical limitation will keep me from seeing.

  2. ConcreteDonkey84 says:

    One day my body will decompose and reintegrate itself into the Earth. In a few billion years, the Sun, in it’s death phase will swell and consume the Earth (and everyone’s bodies that have ever lived) which will cause us all to return to a nuclear furnace, the Sun, one similar to the stars that created every single element known on Earth. From there, one can only hope, the entire universe will collapse in on itself (big bang in reverse) once again forming an almost infinitely dense volatile singularity which would once again explode creating another universe. Clouds of gas will coalesce to form stars which will go supernova, scattering the elements of matter and life across the universe. These particles will form through gravity creating asteroids, moons and planets which, again one can only hope, will be suitable to sustain life. This is how I will live forever.

  3. Chris Jelden says:

    Like countless science fiction stories before I am sort of banking on the fact that I am a jump in evolution and my body regenerates at such a huge rate that my cells never quite die. There is no proof that I am indeed NOT this evolutionary jump because I am still alive. At 26 my hairline is still very healthy. I do assume my asthma is some sort of side effect of my overall immune system being so awesome, it is the only thing that makes sense at this point. I of course am worried that science will find out about me and start experiementing and I won’t be able to enjoy the simple things in life any longer, Friendship and Pizza. So I’m not sure what I will do in order to throw them off the scent. I suppose every 30 years or so I will have to change identities and start over somewhere new. I also have no proof that my fiance does not possess the same awesome cell recreation that I probably do. So hopefully we can go on this journey together. Otherwise I might just degrade my appearence and die with her. Because while I would love to live forever (as we have discussed there is no reason not to believe i will) is there really a point if I couldn’t live with the love of my life? 

  4. Alexander says:

    Ray Kurzweil

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