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The Cadets

This Album was recorded over 5 years from 2001 to 2006. It was recorded at Zero Return in Atlanta,  at San Marco Theater in Jacksonville, and at different residences around Jacksonville. In the minds of  the Cadets themselves, this is their masterpiece. It is the third of three albums. The Cadets formed in  1995 while the founding members were still very much in high school. Their first album came out while  they were all seniors in high school. Since then the existing and one time members have gone on to do  other projects or to play in other bands. The two constant members are Chuck Smyth and Cash Carter.  Chad Matheny, brain child of Emperor X, is a long time member of the Cadets. Mark Capon who tours  with Mates of State was a long standing member. Rickolous (Rick Colado) was a member for some time.  Three of the members(Cash, Chad, and Isaac) are also in Thee Harmonious Fists. Isaac Bear, a long time  member, has also done various side projects including Cyanotype. Max Wood has been a member in  one way or another for quite a while and has also done Applied Communications. Chuck Smyth has done  his own thing for a while called Citrus for the Fall. Cash Carter has Played drums for Tracy Shedd, New  Berlin, and Pine and Bone among others. Cash is currently playing drums for Gospel Music. The Cadets are more of an audio representation of friendship than it is a band. Most of the songs are about the bond  of friendship that has held this band together and torn it apart. Most comparisons have likened them to  Built to Spill, Polvo, Superchunk, and Neutral Milk Hotel with a little Man..or Astroman? thrown in. It’s  hard to pin it down, though because of their ability to jump genres pretty quickly.”