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A Couple of Dead Winter Spots – An Interview with Seapony

Seapony has the type of sound that doesn’t insist upon itself. That is, never abrasive, never jarring, just pleasantly there posing almost salubriously to the psyche. Listening to their It’s just as good as daydreaming and projects that hazy veneer of watching old slideshows of your family at the beach. The band has one of those too good to be true sounding stories and released their first full-length album, titled Go With Me, on Hardly Art. We had the opportunity to speak with the dream pop dynamos about their sound, current favs and even got to play same Mad Libs with them!

Synco: Your music is often described as “summery.” Is Seapony a band for all seasons?
SP: I think so. There are moments of autumn on our album and a couple dead of winter spots.

Synco: Seapony made it look easy, going from Bandcamp to a debut on Hardly Art. Was it amatter of hitting with the right sound at the right time or are we missing a significant partof the story?

SP: Nope! Nothing is missing. It was fate. We opened for La Sera (Hardly Art) at our first show.Hardly Art was there and we must have blown their minds. We also made $17.

Seapony - Go With Me

Synco: There is a simple, pop sensibility to your music juxtaposed with hazy, hushed layers. Whatwas the inspiration for going in that general direction?
SP: That’s just the way it happened, you know? We try not to be all in your face with our sound.

Synco: What are three songs that you can’t get enough of right now?
SP: “The Cuban” – Honeydrum
Running Scared” – Roy Orbison
I Wanna Get Sick” – Witch Gardens

Synco: What would a dream collaboration look like for Seapony?
SP: A bittersweet duet w/Beach Fossils.

Synco: Are Seapony’s members as relaxed as the music makes you sound?
SP: Seventy-five perfect of them are. It has been said that John is more outgoing than Jen, Ian, or I.

Synco: No drums . . . ever?
SP: Yes drums. We learned the hard way that it feels strange to play live with a drum machine.

Synco: Play Mad Libs with us:

SP: Seapony’s debut album, Go With Me is a FAMOUS type of album​.In the future, we would love to make a VAPID type of album with a lot of KITTENS and DUCKS. The ensuing tour would get crazy because we are planning on SAD stages andletting crowds know that we are WRECKED.

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Purchase Seapony’s Go With Me at your local record store or if you must, on iTunes.

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