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An Assault on the Senses

A Metal Proper Review of Trap Them’s Darker Handcraft

I am a mildly sentimental sort. I find that I become wildly enthusiastic about bands that call upon elements in music I loved during my formative years. I had an amazing experience today, stumbling on to an album based on my roommate’s recommendation, which recalled several on my all-time favorite music…  and teemed with elements of some of my favorite new artists.

Salem, New Hampshire, Hardcore/Metal outfit Trap Them’s latest release, Darker Handcraft, (Prosthetic Records, 2011) takes an immediate, visceral hold on the listener. This record is an adrenaline spike, in a conveniently portable polycarbonate disc. The guitars have the buzz saw grind of classic death metal masters Entombed (side note, if you love groove laden metal, listen to Entombed’s classic disc “Wolverine Blues,” 1993), hardcore pioneers Biohazard, and the epic grooves of what may be my favorite underground metal band of all time, Acid Bath.

This record is an adrenaline spike, in a conveniently portable polycarbonate disc.

The raw, voice box scarring, no pretense vocals speak to modern hardcore greats like Hatebreed and the Cancer Bats. I’d love to see a show with a line-up that included Trap Them and Goatwhore. People would get hurt. The band is capable of making a statement at the pace of a drive by shooting, with some songs clocking in at under a minute. Equally adept use of punk inspired drums and lockstep metal percussion gives the band the ability to pound through any sort of heaviness it chooses effortlessly, with total authority. The guitars make the rounds though greasy serpentine single note lines, palm muted gut punches and frenetic hardcore chord riffs.

My only regret, is that this band has been doing this since 2001, and I just heard of them today. I’ll have to pay more attention. Honestly, this is one album I am not going to hyper-analyze, because it speaks for itself. If you like any of the bands I’ve mentioned in the article, this album will not disappoint.

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One thought on “An Assault on the Senses”

  1. Joanna Szymczyk says:

    YES! Love Trap Them and this album! Saw them live with Every Time I Die at a small venue…such a bruisin’ good time.

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