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Netherfriends Anybody?

Ok guys (and gals). It’s high time you know about Chicago, IL based one-man act NETHERFRIENDS. I stumbled upon this gem of awesome music almost a year ago and have selfishly saved it for myself by not writing about it for you . . . I hope you can forgive me. Netherfriends’ music makes itself hard to describe, sitting in between genres with elements as familiar as rock, with your standard fare drums and guitars and basses and what have you, and more cerebral psych pop soundstages set off by synths and drippy effects chains. The unifying element, however, is the absolutely unforgettable vocals and lyrics. I defy you not to sing along to the self described ‘catchy as hell’ songs once you know them. And there’s no lack of songs to know, having been producing music since 2007, Netherfriends can’t be described as anything but prolific with no short of nine LPs or EPs. Overall, though, one must say that Netherfriends occupies an area of the indie scene that has seen some heavy activity in recent years, but does the commendable task of being fresh and memorable, and definitely worth a listen.

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Check out his bandcamp while you’re at it.

One thought on “Netherfriends Anybody?”

  1. jackdiablo says:

    Saw them at P4k 2010. Even great live early in the day!

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