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New Superchunk Song, Y’all!!!!

It’s hot this year in Florida. Really hot. The kind of hot that makes you want to hide inside your room and watch movies or read books all day or refuse to go to parties unless there’s a pool. I am not a fan of the Humidity. As much as I hate the heat, and the sticky face that comes with the Summer. LOVE SUMMER SONGS. One of my favorites has always been “Saints” by the Breeders. I think I may have even done it as a Song of the day before? Maybe? I dunno, but I know that when the heat comes, I feel better about it when I have a song to make me forget about the sweat. Superchunk is still on a near perfect streak with this summer song cleverly titled “This Summer.” It’s an easy song to relate to, if you have ever been in the deep south and you understand that no matter how fast you’re going with the windows down, the wind is never enough to keep your back from moistening against the seat or your hands from slipping off the steering wheel. I already have a feeling that this is going to be the song of the summer for me. It’s got all the hand claps and melodies that a summer hit calls for. I can’t help but yell to the Chorus “Come and waste this summer with me” at people that I see on the corners during a stop light. Where their last album “Majesty Shredding” saw a throw back to the punk-ier side of Superchunk, it also had a production value that left something to be desired. This song sees Superchunk picking up right where you thought they would after the album before last “Here’s To Shutting Up” with song style and with the recording quality that I am used to. This song seems to be not as over produced as the songs from ‘Majesty.”

Saying that I am a Superchunk fan is putting it very lightly. They are one of my favs. I like not only every album they have ever released, but I also like just about every song they have ever released. I say that so that when I make comparisons, you understand that I like it all. Now, having said that, I know that a lot of Superchunk fans weren’t happy with the direction they had been going in and thought that the punk side of them that was showing it’s face on “Majesty Shredding” was an acknowledgement of this. Production value aside, I loved majesty shredding, but was hoping that they were going to continue on the path that they had laid before them with the last few albums before that. I am happy to see them doing what seems like is what they want to do now and it gets me excited to see what is going to be next. Let’s hope this isn’t like the last Magnetic fields album, and that this isn’t Superchunk’s “Andrew in Drag“, meaning I hope this isn’t the only good song on the next album.

This Summer” is available for purchase as a 7inch (which is sold out through the website, but available in stores) and as a digital single with a cover of “Cruel Summer” as the B-Side. You can pick it up at the website for the best label on Earth, Merge Records.

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