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Rising: Kisses

LA duo Kisses is popping up on my radar right now. It’s not hard to hear why, though. One listen, and you’ll be instantly addicted to the fun music and memorable vocals. While they’ve only got 4 tracks to listen to, each one of them is different and wonderful. “Bermuda” is reminiscent of the locale the track derives its name from, bringing a heavy dollop of disco dance to the table along with the requisite chillwave style synthwork (and reverb), though I don’t quite think it falls into the genre. Kisses (the artist) brings something different to the table in my book, going with a fuller sound that ends up being less lofi-chillwave-hipster-drug music, and more summer anthem-fun-singalong. Self titled song “Kisses” is probably my favorite of the bunch, it gets stuck in my head much too easily, and is a great track to name one’s self after. If you’re looking to throw a party that includes this type of music, one could include Brothertiger, Yawn, maybe Millionyoung or Delorean, and to some extent, Cults in their mix. Well I’ve nothing more to say about these guys, you should already be listening to them. In case you’re not, go forth, hit the links at the bottom of the page, and listen all day long.

Listen to the tracks and find more information on their Bandcamp Page or visit the band’s official site.


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