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Suicide Silence – All Hail The Black Crown

Suicide Silence hits like a titanic, malevolent machine, all gears and pistons, brimstone and wailing, blood-dripping titanium fangs.

If I were to start this review with a descriptive direction cliché, such as “fasten your seatbelts,” the listener would be ill prepared when they turned on their stereo. Make no mistake, this is one of the most kinetic, chill inducing albums I have heard in years…  However, a seat belt is no protection when one finds them selves in the path of a wrecking ball.

In order to maintain an honest relationship with anyone reading this, I must admit, that The Black Crown is the first Suicide Silence album I have listened to.  I had heard good things about them, and needed a brand spanking new album for the purposes of a review…  I don’t want to dwell on stale material (otherwise I’d incessantly review classic albums by Pantera and Megadeth). So with a completely open mind and a fresh set of ears, I took on Suicide Silence…  I feel as though I have been handed a proper ass kicking…  and may need a cigarette.

I tend to think of musical genres in broad terms. In my book, if it has crunch and a visceral tug, it will always be METAL to me. I’ve long believed that the unnecessary complicity of sub-genres is merely a promotional attempt to distinguish a band from the pack, often times it is utilized when the bands music will not. This is NOT one of those occasions, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and Suicide Silence would crush under any genre…  Though I’d stray away from more milquetoast sub-classifications, lest someone get hurt. So, in spite of my genre-phobia, I accept the classification of DEATHCORE and am now an avowed fan thereof.  That said…

Suicide Silence hits like a titanic, malevolent machine, all gears and pistons, brimstone and wailing, blood-dripping titanium fangs.

Suicide Silence – “You Only Live Once”

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There has always been a compromise in my heart, between the types of metal I so dearly love, between technical capability and raw, unadulterated brutality. I’ve found my hybrid beast. SS riffs relentlessly, these boys know their way around a fretboard—dexterously turning scale into mayhem. The dynamics of the band are overwhelming, sustained chords assaulting the listener like hammer falls, almost forcing the susceptible into mosh pit mechanics

Suicide Silence – “Fuck Everything”

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The peril of many modern metal-core acts, starting with nu-metal and going forward has been the riddle of filler tracks. They are an unfortunate reality in all types of music, but what distinguishes a great band from an average band is their absence, especially in Metal and it’s off-shoots. A fellow aficionado and I discussed this a few weeks ago, framing Pantera as a the perfect metal band, (I know how this comment with be viewed by purist metal snobs, and I don’t care, pick a degrading act and perform it on yourself, and  have a nice day) because every piece of every Pantera song was as good as what your average metal band saved for a “Breakdown.” Suicide Silence enacts what I must only be able to refer to as the “Pantera Protocol,” from the moment they crack the digital silence with screams, distortion and pounding drums, Suicide Silence never drops the ball. At no point does the album take on a sense of obligation, the songs of being anything less than inspired. The title track is a 1:30 ominous death march, ominous and oppressive, signing in the darkest hand the intent of the album.

Suicide Silence – “March to the Black Crown”

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And now, fellow metal heads, the decision is yours. I could attempt to describe it in more detail, but no words I might craft will do “The Black Crown” the justice it deserves. My recommendation? Buy this album. Go see Suicide Silence play a show. Buy a T-shirt. I want these guys around for a good long time.

There is nothing average about this album, I don’t rank with stars, but this one is off the charts. It will make regular rotation, right alongside my longtime favorites. I come away from this review as a fan and perhaps slightly less jaded about sub-genres.

One thought on “Suicide Silence – All Hail The Black Crown

  1. Lovebirdfromheaven says:

    i took my kids  to see u at the 2011 mayhem festival in cinn ohio, my daughter and my son are big fans of your band or know because of what i am about to tell u i should say there reconsidering that statement.
    You a upcoming band and your fans should be important. well me and my daughter and my husband waited 1 hour and 30 minutes in the blistering hot sun to get your autograph at your singing and was the next to be up  to have you all sign the posters and it started to sprinkle then you all had the little security girl tell us a and everyone in line that you all was not gonna continue to sign autograph because you want to get out of the rain and after we get out of the line when once again i will say we was next . then i look back and you had then let around 9 more ppl  in and i think that this was fucking retard and  not cool. my kids said at that moment if this is how u treat your fans then they will not be your fans  anymore and i know that u may think of fucking well because theirs other fans to take there place but if you  have any sense at all you know this was not right and that every fan should be counted important. i walked away instead of making a scene there and that i would write you on here. my email addresse is if you want to respond to me.

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