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Two Ways to Leave Your Lover

Posted on 28 Nov 10 REVIEWS | 2 Comments
Tracy Shedd / Wet & Reckless
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Tracy Shedd / Wet & RecklessThe combination of a rocker girl-quartet and moody singer-songwriter on a single may seem like a strange match. But it just takes a listen to get it.

The songs on this split 7″, New Guy by Wet & Reckless and Tear It Up from Tracy Shedd, are girl anthems for love gone wrong, told in chronological order.

First you have New Guy. It’s the tough-but-tender teenage tomboy–the one who plays some kick-ass guitar and is gorgeous because she’s not trying to be. She’s still navigating the rules of relationships. Wet & Reckless plays it a little flip, sometimes cutting, invariably charming.

Then Tear It Up comes along–she’s grown up a bit, taken some Comparative Lit classes and had her heart broken a few more times. Tracy Shedd’s sound is mellowed and haunted–a perfect way to come down from the high of the new guy.

These songs provide the musical bookends of a girl’s heart, which seems kind of perfect.

LA-based Wet & Reckless features Jessica Gelt on bass, Deanna deVries on drums, with guitar from Whitney Blank and Emily Wilder, also the band’s lead singer. Their sound is immediately winning–giving listeners the satisfying sharp edges of punk and harmonies with a breezy Beach Boys vibe (think Pet Sounds, not Kokomo).

This is a nice contrast to Tucson, AZ musician Tracy Shedd, whose sweet, achy style is evocative of Laura Viers. Shedd brings a more somber sound to the split, but it‘s far from morose. Her lush guitar chords blend with Kane Flint’s mandolin, creating a forest of sound that you don’t mind being lost in.

Aside from their shared label, another interesting connection between the two bands is the video for Shedd’s City at Night, which was directed by Wilder and designed by deVries.

In their short but sweet split 7”, the bands manage to make heartache look cool and a little graceful.

The Wet & Reckless/Tracy Shedd CD from Lowell Records is available everywhere. For album and concert info, check out http://​fortlowell​.blogspot​.com.


  1. Ama

    You are a talented lady. Look forward to meeting you sometime!

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