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Victoria Legrand’s Hair at Freebird Live: A Beach House Review

I should have wrote about Beach House the night I saw them, but I was so mesmerized by them that I couldn’t do anything that involved thinking afterwards.

Just kidding . . . well, kind of.

I’m really glad I got to see one of my favorite bands play right here in Jacksonville, FL. I’ve been waiting for the day, and it finally came. The moment when I was face to face with Victoria Legrand’s hair, so big it must be full of all of her secrets. The entire experience was enigmatic, at times pleasantly ethereal. For some reason, Beach House is the kind of band that strikes some people as pretentious. I disagree completely, as I find a sublime simplicity to the way they craft their songs. It paradoxically seems so effortless, but at the same time calculated. Their passion is seemingly sincere and pervasive. It seems like it would be hard to convey the type of dreamy music that they make to a live audience, but they did it perfectly and it was hypnotizing. From start to finish, it was a blissful. Sycophantic?  Yes, completely.

Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally seemed to work exceptionally well together on stage, and the touring drummer made their music sound even bigger than it is on their albums. The band opened up with their song “Troublemaker” from their new album Bloom. As soon as they started playing that song, it was like… BAM!, induced dream-state (I guess that’s why they call it “dream pop”). Every song fit together, creating a congruous and steady stream, with hardly any time for applause. During the rare pauses, Victoria did most of the talking, awkwardly joking about the concert and how it wasn’t a reggae show. I think it’s awesome when the musicians actually care about the crowd enough to joke with them. It definitely makes the experience feel more one-of-a-kind and immersive.

They played songs from their new album Bloom, Teen Dream, and took it back to their older album Devotion. I wish they had played some songs off their self-titled, but I’m glad they revisited Devotion. “Gila” is such an extraordinary song, and it sounded even more remarkable live. The last song that they played “Irene” brought tears to my eyes, which doesn’t usually happen. With the sweetness of the music, the subtle lighting added more to the whole performance and served only to highlight the trio instead of driving the energy of the crowd.

It was so nice to look up at them, and feel their passion radiate from the stage. There was an authentic vibe to the whole performance. I kept thinking to myself, “How the hell does Victoria do that with her voice . . . and her hair?”


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1. Troublemaker

2. Gila

3. Norway

4. Walk in the Park

5. Wild

6. Lazuli

7. Other People

8. Silver Soul

9. Equal Mind

10. New Year

11. Zebra

12. Wishes

13. Take Care

14. Myth


15. Turtle Island

16. 10 Mile Stereo

17. Irene


Best live songs: Gila, Walk in the Park, Silver Soul, Myth, and Irene. Eargasm to the max.


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