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Youth Lagoon at The Social 3/21

If you’ve read my introduction post, you’d know that Youth Lagoon’s The Year Of Hibernation, is an album that I have great admiration for. Being that the album is one of my favorites, I put away any sorrow that I had and decided to fully enjoy Youth Lagoon’s imaginative, nostalgic set. The show took place in a venue called The Social in Orlando. The Social is on the smaller side which gave the performance more of a personal feel, which I felt went with the music. The minutes before the start of the show were like any other relevant indie show. You know, the epidemic of under-age smokers sitting in the front of the venue, and of course the almost hour long wait to get into the door. As I finally got inside of the venue, it filled up pretty quickly, and by the time the opening act Dana Buoy came on, it was almost completely packed. Dana Buoy went well with Youth Lagoon. Their music isn’t exactly on the same level, but their style was somewhat similar. They had a synth-pop feel to their songs, and they sang mostly about love and heart ache, and all that jazz. It was enjoyable to listen to, but I was more excited for Youth Lagoon to play.


Youth Lagoon came on shortly after Dana Buoy. The audience was over-joyed when Trevor Powers hopped onto the stage to set up his equipment. As soon as Youth Lagoon started to play, most of the crowd kept quiet, and had no choice but to be pulled in by Powers’ soothing voice, as he sang “Posters”. Accompanied by guitarist Logan Hyde, the songs were portrayed more powerfully than they are on the album. You could hear more of the passion in Powers’ voice, and it sounded stronger and louder over the keyboard melodies and guitar riffs. Powers is also quite the crowd charmer. He appeared mostly timid, but at the same time exuded charismatic confidence. The whole performance was very emotional, and as he played through the album, even those people who awkwardly stand cross-armed during shows, were bobbing their heads and singing along. His voice appeared rather hoarse at times, but I thought that it added more character to the way that he illustrated his songs. The nostalgic vibe that radiates through the album was still there in the live performance, mixed in with the programmed drum beats. It’s amazing how much luminous energy the beats give off, especially in the live song “Seventeen”. The duo closed with the song “July”, and it was a great choice to end with. Hyde’s guitar leads fit perfectly with the outro of the song, and it tied in completely well with the rest of the performance. The whole show ended with applause, and smiles amongst the people viewing. I think that if there was a full band on stage, it would add something more intriguing to the performance. Right now though, Powers and Hyde compliment each other well as a duo.


photo credit: Rebecca Cameron

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2 thoughts on “Youth Lagoon at The Social 3/21”

  1. puffy jenkins says:

    melodic keyboard melodies and guitar riffs.

  2. Gentleman0902 says:

    Michaela Gugliotta is the best reviewer by far.

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