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Our Five Most Popular Articles

Looking at our article archive, we’ve noticed there’s a lot of good content already in here that’s still relevant. It’s just not right on the front page. Here’s a countdown of our five most popular articles since we’ve been up and running:

5) Keeping it Long Distance: An Interview with Onra

Synconation’s very first interview . . . and we got Fing ONRA . . . whaaaaa? Anyway, Synco Super Star Carlos Andujar interviewed the hell out of ‘em. And now, he’s blowin’ up! Original interview was published November 22, 2010.

4) The Top Five Instrumental Hip-Hop Albums

A recent Synconation post about hip-hop’s place in the pantheon of poetry got me thinking about the many forms of the genre. The wordsmiths are the first to be lauded as poets, but what about those musically adventurous souls that explore the poetry of the form with mouths firmly shut. Here’s a top five dedicated to the lyric-less purveyors of this most modern poetic form. What did we miss? Who did we snub? Well, bring it on witchyobadself and comment below!

3) Nobody’s Hipster – An Interview with John Mark McMillan

I was delighted with the opportunity to meet John Mark McMillan for an interview before his show at the legendary Crocodile Cafe, in Seattle. He’s a musical performer with a commanding presence, but a distinctly welcoming and gentle personality off stage. Regarding transparency on my part, I need to add, I did not try to score this interview because a friend of mine now works for the studio John Mark recorded with, or because members of his band, Jon and James Duke, have roots in my home town. The truth is I haven’t heard their music at all until recently.

2) 33 1/3 Series: PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me

PJ HarveyEveryone’s talking about the February release of PJ Harvey’s album, Let England Shake. But before it arrives, let’s wander back to the beginning of her music (and my late teens) to see how it started.

1) Lost Trapper Keeper Style Unearthed (in France?)

It seems like every year since 1997 there has been some reincarnation of the 80s. The “Buggles” would be playing on some radio station’s “Classic 80′s Rewind!”. Bands started sounding like Joy Division. The 808 bass made it back into hip-hop not long ago (thank god!). I even saw skinny ties being worn by hipsters on some blog. But through all that, there was a particular aspect of the 80s that seemed forever lost.

The art of the trapper keeper.

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