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The Top 5 Obsessed Fans on Youtube

It happens. People become obsessed with musicians. I think the first occurrence was with Franz Lizst. These days, artists are much more accessible and it’s become easier to develop a seemingly intimate relationship with celebrities. Hell, if I didn’t think this kind of thing was a remote possibility, I’m not sure I would have bothered picking up a guitar (note: this is the exception and not the rule).

Let’s take a look at this freakshow!

5) Jeff Turner and Kelly McCormick – Tiffany

I didn’t know who Tiffany was until I watched this movie, which really speaks to the insane devotion these subjects have. These two are really the dynamic duo of stalkers. Jeff has Ausperger’s and has had legal action taken against him a number of times. Kelly is intersexed an intersexed woman with awkward social skills and a fair amount of emotional baggage. They star in a documentary (watch it instantly on Netflix if you dare) that actually puts them together in a hotel room for a Tiffany concert. I can’t deny I would have greenlit this film, too.

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4) Shannon Gaga

In my humble opinion, Lady Gaga isn’t particularly attractive in the first place. So, how do we take this to the next level? Inflate her, of course. Shannon Gaga recently enjoyed some pseudo-celebrity with a radio interview, some college press, and loads of love (but mostly hate) from the interwebz. As with most of these subjects, it’s hard to pick on them as their intentions are quite genuine. However, Shannon Gaga is also intent to turn me into Helen Keller as I am forced to both destroy my eardrums and gouge my eyes as her horrific voice and Beth-Ditto-like appearance torture me. Enjoy?

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3) Chris Cocker and Britney Spears

I felt I would be negligent not to include the most obvious personality here. I don’t need to refresh your memory. Currently, he’s planning on “self-releasing” (giggidy) his own album of garbage. I just noticed that at least one person from each entry on this list thus far challenges gender stereotypes. Good for them.

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2) Humanbeing151 and P. Diddy

This one is actually scary. Humanbeing151 on YouTube recently deleted his collection of videos documenting his extensive collection of pleas and songs written in notebooks and stored in rubbermaid containers, shoeboxes, etc. throughout his entire home. At one point, he was offering $150,000.00 for an audience with the man himself (yeah surrrre). He continuously refers to Sean Combs as “Mr. Diddy” in writing, begging him to meet. Luckily, my soulmate (?) downloaded his home tour and re-uploaded before it was removed.

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1) Jay Herrod and Selena Gomez

I’ve seen an episode or two of Wizards of Waverly Place. I won’t argue that Selena Gomez is kind of a fox. And she’s really snippy in that show too, which I like. However, Mr. Jay Herrod eclipses me without question. He is a middle-aged Texas native who is in love with Ms. Gomez. He has to wear skirts because he easily develops heat rash in pants. He claims to be a comedian (although I couldn’t find footage of him performing in a club). Perhaps the weirdest thing (and acknowledging this is even kind of weird in itself, which brings us into some kind of pinnacle of absurdity) is that he uses a microphone in most of his uploads. Is he transferring from VHS to his computer? Were these videos made in the past and intended for a Selena Gomez of a previous generation? I wish, but no. Please, please, please browse the rest of his collection.

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3 thoughts on “The Top 5 Obsessed Fans on Youtube”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Despite all his effeminate teen-angst “leave Britney alone” drama, I still love Chris Cocker’s video about being nice to a hot girl’s gay best friend if you want to get with her.

  2. Clarissa Calderon Zuniga says:

    Omg and where is the guy that sent a bomb in the mail to bjork and then blew his brains out ?? That is some creepy shit!

  3. Steven295965 . says:

    And now we have a new case of obsessive…obsession. “The Archiver” and UTV. The Archiver made a 97-page document, with all of his posts, stories about him, inventions of the Archiver (e.x UTV post belt), buildings made with his posts on it, plays with him, a ransom note with parts selected from UTV’s posts, and videos that were supposedly filmed INSIDE UTV’S APARTMENT. UTV, when he found the link to the document, simply responded with “?” and has probably called the cops.

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