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Top 5 Indie Lo-Fi Garage Rock Tracks of 2011

As you all may know, I listen to a lot of indie music. Some of it comes from a genre you may or may not have thought was dead. Yes, Lo-fi grungy garage rock-style music is still alive and well and while it’s not quite the same idea they had in the nineties, I’m a big fan of it. If it were a photo, it would conjure up big, blooming red spectrum colours, like an old toy camera or something, and slightly out of focus details. Yeah, that. Listen to the tracks.

Smith Westerns – End of the Night

Yuck – Get Away

Mazes – Go Betweens

Beach Fossils – Cayler

Bass Drum of Death – Leaves

[Bonus] The Mantles – Raspberry Thighs

One thought on “Top 5 Indie Lo-Fi Garage Rock Tracks of 2011”

  1. Anonymous says:

    awesome picks.  i hope you listen to ty segall or thee oh sees, they would fit in perfectly

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