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Top 5 Radiohead Songs

The band's home.

Radiohead has pushed the boundaries of rock music with album after album. They are able to walk that line between full-out experimentation and general accessibility probably better than anyone. But blah, blah, blah, you already know all the reasons why you love Radiohead, so let’s get down to brass tax.

And don’t just hate, tell us what we missed.

Top 5 Radiohead Songs

1. “Kid A” on Kid A

Delicate, seemingly limitless, robotic but still emotive.

2. “No Surprises” on OK Computer

Such a pretty house and such a pretty garden,” and such a pretty song.

3. “High and Dry” on The Bends

Just gorgeous and the moment I realized, “Damn, this band’s for real ya’ll.”

4. “There There” on Hail to the Thief

Bring on the thoms (c’mon!), this song is eerie and spectacular and was a true highlight when seeing them live.

5. “All I Need” on In Rainbows

An agonizing plea and the most redemptive moment on In Rainbows.


What say you?

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Radiohead Songs”

  1. Jesse K. says:

    where…oh WHERE…is “street spirit?”

  2. Enigk47 says:

    1) paranoid android

    2) all I need

    3) national anthem

    4) packt like sardines in a crushed tin box

    5) we suck young blood ( your time is up)

    5.5) true live waits

  3. Ama Reynolds says:

    I have some thinking to do about this…

  4. Ian Latchmansingh says:

    Way to castrate Radiohead.

  5. Joanna Szymczyk says:

    Mhmm, I had that same feeling with “High & Dry,” so I’m glad that song is on there.  And I adore “All I Need.”  I’d add “Climbing up the Walls”–which is my favorite RH song, mainly thanks to its unsettling creepiness.  And “Bulletproof…I Wish I Was.” And “Idioteque.”  And “Where I End and You Begin.”  You know what, I’ll just stop before I end up listing every single one of their songs.

  6. Nick Gardiakos says:

    Not a bad list. Right now mine would be (in no particular order) “The Tourist” “Myxomatosis” “Videotape” “Let Down” and “Bulletproof…I wish I was” My favorite top 5 so far.

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  9. Jeremy Alan Gould says:

    street spirit, paranoid android, reckoner, karma police, high and dry

  10. MacKerrell says:

    There’s no way to judge! Obviously, any list is going to be quite personal, so it’d be interesting to read more by way of reasons for choices: defining moments soundtracked by these songs, or the situation behind the first time you heard them or something.

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