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Synconation Media LLC

2342 Park Street

Jacksonville, FL 32204

3 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Puttana26 says:

    these guys sample psychedelic folk,xenakis and shamanic field recordings in there hip hop
    review these nutters

  2. Haden Sightz says:

    I seen you post of Yacht’s cover of Velvet Underground’s song. I took a concept from Velvet Underground’s Femme Fatal and put a hip-hop twist to it. Tell me what you think! -http://​youtu​.be/​A​m​-​e​Y​8​E​4​zfw

  3. makayla kelley says:

    hi im a student in mrs.kents class i was wondering if you have or could review one direction but it is just a sugeeston/request thing but could you please think about it?

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