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John Mark McMillan at The Crocodile in Seattle on July 10th

July 10th- John Mark McMillan and his band, All The Bright Lights, bring A Mighty Raucous Evening to The Crocodile in Seattle. John Mark says he’s more excited about this tour than any they’ve done before and he wants to create an expectation for something different- bringing together different worlds. He also brings to light a song writing style universal and transcendental- plain (in theory) but definitely not simple, in fact, he’s controversial… possibly not ‘churchy’ enough for the common church-goer, but too ‘churchy’ for the not-so-churched.

Though some find him refreshing, others have difficulty understanding his writing approach, but as we’ve learned over the years, revolutionary ideas are usually fringed in controversy. So, just for a minute, you might have to let go of your beliefs, and un-beliefs, and simply make room for a songsmith with a style brave and rich. John Mark understands the components of a good song, and he crafts his songs deliberately so. Lyrically, he gives you something to dig your brain into, combining theological language, common language, and poetic language to bring a song reflecting a modern day hymn, along with a groove you can feel in your chest.

Currently touring the west coast to promote his new album ‘The Medicine’ JMM says “Is it a worship album or a rock album[?], the answer is yes, it’s both” he laughs “I really don’t differentiate between the two, they’re definitely songs people will hopefully want to sing in church, but it’s all me, it’s all my life, who I am and what I’m going through, so…”. John Mark and his band “of friends” isn’t touring churches or rolling into town with a pulpit strapped to the top his 15 pass van, they are coming to bring the rock and ‘play not for you but with you’, so no matter your background or beliefs, your huge capacity for beer, or taste for freshly pleated khaki pants, this will be a great and meaningful rock show.

Tickets start at $10. Visit the thejohnmark​.com, or join the ruckus community by going to theruckusroom​.com. Be sure to look for Jude’s concert review after the show!

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2 thoughts on “John Mark McMillan at The Crocodile in Seattle on July 10th”

  1. Joanna Szymczyk says:

    I let go, made room and you’re right, Jude–that was great.

  2. Anika Smith says:

    I’m so excited for this show — I’ve never seen JMM live, but this album has been my soundtrack this year.  :)

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