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Letter from the Editor

Synconation was started because of that feeling. You know the one, that feeling you get when you’re listening to a particular song that takes you somewhere else, that transcends whatever is going on around you and demands that you come along. Our music blog is devoted to one thing; sharing that fervor in terms that forgo the critic-ease that is so prevalent in online music sources today.

In the spirit of syncopation, a rhythm that emphasizes a beat not normally emphasized, Synconation offers album reviews, interviews, articles and opinions in unique and even unexpected ways. Essentially, we are music geeks that love to listen, talk about, write about and in a lot of cases, make music.

Music probably pervades more elements of culture than any other medium. It has the power to conjure up memories, change your mood, get an entire room of people moving and can provide the ultimate muse. That’s the passionate part. There is also a liberatingly fun part to music. Synconation is a music blog about the convergence of the two.

We hope you will enjoy this foray into the already saturated ranks of music websites and blogs, knowing that this one is different. You can expect a song of the day, album reviews, best of and top ten lists, articles, interviews and some other things that we’re busy conceiving in our crazed imaginations. But we don’t want your involvement to end at reading, so please participate by commenting, sending us your ideas, perhaps submitting a counter to our lists and voting in our polls.

It is our sincere hope, that one day, you will consider yourself to be among the droves of Synconauts. Thank you and rock loud.

Brenton Crozier

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