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NobFest Rising!

Three days of music? Wasn’t that how Woodstock was billed originally? Well, this time around it’s not a bunch of hippies in the mud and Pete Townshend booting cameramen off the stage, this time it’s scores of St. Augustine and Jacksonville’s loudest gathered to celebrate and raise some funds for St. Augustine venue Nobby’s. The joint has already hosted Quintron AND Japanther this year, so surely it’s desevering of at least some of your beer money. Overachieving promotor Nick Commoditie gave Synconation the logistical lowdown and some tips for getting through what’s sure to be an intense weekend.

What are the When’s and the Where’s for Nobfest?

Nobby’s is located directly to the left after crossing the Lion’s Bridge onto Anastasia Island. Address is 10 Anastasia Blvd, St. Augustine 32080.

Friday: Doors 5PM /Show 8PM $6
Saturday: 2PM $10
Sunday: 2PM $10
Weekend Pass: $22

Nobby’s is located directly to the left after crossing the Lion’s Bridge onto Anastasia Island. Address is 10 Anastasia Blvd, St. Augustine 32080.

Would you preview the lineup for our readers? Who are some of the “can’t-miss” acts?

Five of us chose some of our favorite bands that have played at Nobby’s before or that we are friends with. Also, there are gobs of St. Augustine bands on the line-up. Genres covering anything and everything from A Capella to organ ballads to punk rock. I’m personally looking forward to seeing Golden Pelicans, Hungry Gaze, Hot Hands, and Pillowfight, all from Orlando. I hear Dark Rides are tight! There’s a Ramones tribute band playing too…

8:45 – Special opening speech by Dave Wernicke
9:00 – Thunderhoof
9:40 – 2416
10:20 – The Cougs
11:00 – The Resonants
11:40 – Alligator
12:40 – Teenage Lobotomy

12:00 – BBQ/Parking Lot Jamboree
2:00 – Andrew Virga
2:40 – My Bicycle Emergency
3:20 – Gnarly Whales
4:00 – Mystery Band!
4:40 – Slough Louris
5:30 – Good Nights
6:10 – Party Drag
6:50 – Wooly Bushman/Pillowfight
7:50 – Dune Panther
8:30 – Hungry Gaze
9:15 – Hot Hands
9:50 – Caffiends
10:40 – Golden Pelicans
11:20 – Teenage Softies
12:00 – Dark rides
1:00 – Tubers

Dunk Tank, Parking Lot Hot Dog Eating Contest!!
4:00 – Honeysweet
5:00 – Garrett Oliver
5:40 – Critter
6:30 – Xmas
7:10 – Stiff Bindles
7:50 – Thee Holy Ghosts
8:30 – AC Deathstrike
9:10 – Casanova Frankenstein
9:50 – Wet Nurse
1030 – Rivernecks
11:10 – Whiskey And Co
12:00 – Tower
1:00 – Wetlands

What kind of work goes into setting up something like this? This is a very ambitious undertaking, especially considering the ridiculously low prices you’re charging for three days worth of continuous loud music..

I’d say this is about as DIY as it gets. Dave Wernicke, the owner of Nobby’s, wanted to make this cheap as possible; it’s kind of a fundraiser for Nobby’s. They unfortunately closed less than three years ago and then reopened in the second half of 2011. We are hoping this event will keep Nobby’s kicking. It is, after all, the ONLY bar in Saint Augustine that has legit, local and national touring bands play regularly. Besides Nobfest, all door money goes to the touring bands and to keep shows happening: fixing the p.a., supplies, etc etc. Basically, Nobby’s is the shit.

What is the mission of Nobfest?

Drink some beers and whiskies, see some bands, party and have a good time…what else?

Do you have any survival tips for attendees?

Ya gotta be a trooper, it’s gonna be hot and heavy, wet and sweaty in there, haha… Take a nap and hydrate beforehand, then come to Nobby’s and rage! I don’t know, I was actually wondering if someone were to enter the hot dog eating contest, would it be better to not eat that morning, or to have a little something?

I can’t help but notice that Nobfest is coming right on the heels oF SXSW; do you picture this as an annual event also?

Nobfest is Dave Wernicke’s brain child… I do believe this will be an annual event!

Does maximum volume yield maximum results?

No, definitely not, but sometimes that’s all you got!

While I’ve got you on the line, what other of your events should we be keeping an eye out for?

Commoditiebooking has three great shows coming up in April. Natural Child are back at Nobby’s  April 15th. Night Beats from Seattle are playing at Nobby’s as well on April 18th. Psych-garage rock type stuff. The Mold from Jacksonville and Thee Holy Ghosts are opening that one. But I’m most excited for Mark Sultan at Cafe 11 on April 25th. He was the first show I wanted to book, and a year or so later, here he is. The whole line-up is killer. Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands from Gainesville (a married surf-garage-trash power duo) and Woolly Bushmen from Orlando open. DJ Lamar from Jacksonville will be spinning as well. Lot’s of good stuff coming up, come out and support these Rock N’ Roll shows! See ya there…

NOBFEST 2012 Info.

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  1. Moses Supposes says:

    Pete Townshend kicked Abbie Hoffman off the stage. :)

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