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Ten New Tracks That You Should Know

A Virtual Mixtape from Julian to You

Ok, so I’ve been listening to some new music lately, and since I don’t really have any albums to review, or any wonderful pieces to write about music history or whatever else we normally see here, I thought I’d do you the favor of filtering out all the crap and giving you the best new music that I’ve been hearing in my adventures. This isn’t just some list of everything that noteworthy bands have blurted out lately. Nay, it’s a guide to what sounds good and what’ll be stuck in your head for a while, or until I write another one of these.


‘Electronic Fences’ by Computer Magic

More of the same. Relaxed, yet somehow uptempo.

‘Real Life’ by Brothertiger

‘Battleships’ by I’m From Barcelona

This song has been stuck in my head for a week. Also, they’re not really from Barcelona. And they have 29 band members. And they Rock.

‘Girl U Want’ by Freelance Whales

One of my favorite bands from a coupe of years ago is back at it again. With a Devo Cover.

‘Dystopia (The Earth Is on Fire)’ by YACHT

The newest offering from mega electrocore group YACHT. Nuff said. Expect to hear this one everywhere.

‘Colors’ by Airlines

New band Airlines surprised me last month with their song Burial Grounds, and hit the target again this month with Colors.

‘Lonely’ by Mean Lady

I’m a couple months late on this one, but my is it catchy. Don’t let the intro fool you, you’ll definitely be dancing to this.

‘Ice Cream’ by Battles

The video for this one made waves in the scene last week, and I was forced to actually listen to the song. Good thing it’s amazing.

‘Wrecked’ by Coma Cinema

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Like all Coma Cinema songs, I think its a little short, but who cares, Coma Cinema doesn’t. This guy has the most nonchalant singing voice ever.



‘Promises (Star Slinger Remix)’ by The Morning Benders

Extra bonus song! Star Slinger has been going absolutely insane with the remixes as of late.

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