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This Week in Synconation – Our New Podcast

Hosted by Brian Jerin, “This Week in Synconation” is a new podcast that your purveyors of Old-Fashioned Music Bloggery will be bringing you with interviews, featured tracks and a little love . . . a little because we don’t want to go getting anybody jealous.

For our first podcast, Brian speaks with Jonathan Berlin of America’s best unsigned band, the Sunbears!

Let the auditory bliss begin.

Synconation Weekly: February 28 2011 by Synconation

4 thoughts on “This Week in Synconation – Our New Podcast”

  1. Pilar Arevalo says:


  2. Joebrzoska says:

    very cool

  3. Charlie Grapes says:

    Is that the “sly bedroom/radio Jerin voice?”

  4. Brian says:

    yes, chuck

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