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This Week in Synconation – Synconation’s Official Podcast

Hosted by Brian Jerin, “This Week in Synconation” is a music podcast that your purveyors of Old-Fashioned Music Bloggery bring you . . . well, weekly. Our podcasts include interviews, featured tracks and a little love . . . a little because we don’t want to go getting anybody jealous. This week, Brian interviews punk rock icon Mike Watt about his new album Hyphenated-Man, and features tracks from Low, Onra, Lord Huron and Gospel Music.


Let the auditory bliss continue:

This Week in Synconation by Synconation

This Week in Synconation – Podcast 2

2 thoughts on “This Week in Synconation – Synconation’s Official Podcast”

  1. Dustov says:

    Where’s the podcast? I want to download via iTunes. Thanks

    1. Dustov says:

      K…found mp3 download. Doh!

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