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There are probably only two groups here: those who have never heard of Witch House and those who are already over it.

For those in the first camp I’ll try to explain. Imagine Houston Chop and Screw:

Now strip away the rappers and re contextualize it through people that look like this:

Replace the subject matter with stuff like this:

And finish it off with an overall gloomy and sometimes psychedelic approach. The result can be kinda sketchy as far as music goes – but the overall concoction is pretty compelling.

Here are two stand out tracks:

But if you stop there I think you’re missing out on the fun. This is one of those subjects that reveals itself slowly in late-night YouTube quests.

Soak in the Ascii horror of their names:

/// ▲▲▲ \\





Ponder the madness of “Mater Suspiria Vision’s” vimeo account:

As weird as it gets, some of the imagery seems to be influencing culture outside of the witch house scene. For instance, I’ve been seeing a renaissance of simple geometry. Things like this:

…seem to be showing up in places like this:

Even Urban Outfitters is carving out sigils for unsuspecting shoppers:

Triangles, VHS, the Occult, and 808s make a surprisingly interesting mix. Here’s a tumblr about witches to go with your drank.


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