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Amon Tobin – Goto 10

Amon Tobin has created some of the most interesting and satisfying music of the sampladelic genre. His newest album, ISAM, forgoes often used vinyl samples, mainly jazz, for the naturalistic elements he captured in field recordings. It’s a surprisingly congruous effort considering how much he explores and plays with the science of sound. No need to worry though, it’s not all left for atmosphere and they symphony of insect movement, the beats are big, the type that would make every piece of clothing you’re wearing vibrate. “Goto 10″ is one of the more straightforward tracks with a clearly identifiable pattern. Considering the album’s overarching theme, it feels a little cold and even flirts, just flirts minds you . . . and never seals the deal, with dubstep. But it’s just so damn boss and takes you a step past the type of  gratification you get from a thunderous hip-hop bass line, delving further, deeper into complementary soundscapes. Play it loud, play it proud.

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And if you haven’t seen what this guy is doing in his live shows, check it out . . . it’s other worldly.

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