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Arrange – Caves

“Caves” – Arrange from Malcom Lacey on Vimeo.

Malcom Lacey, the Portland (via South Florida) producer who works under the name Arrange is nothing if not prolific. “Caves” is the first single from Lacey’s 6th self-released album (his second self released on vinyl), and he even shot and directed the accompanying music video. Did I mention that Lacey is only 19? Malcom’s age might be surprising based on his output, but it’s more than believable in the context of his music. Like his peers Youth Lagoon and Oliver Tank, Arrange explores the middle ground between wide eyed naiveté and forlorn nostalgia that only people still in tune with their teenage years can seem to articulate. The “hey ya home” chorus may have cynics rolling their eyes, but Arrange’s mastery of atmospherics and his overwhelming work ethic can’t be accused of amateurism.

“Caves” by Arrange – Bandcamp

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