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Arsun F!st – Analog Sessions

I found this on Bandcamp this morning. It’s a new mixtape from Arsun F!st of the Nerdy South Collective (that includes Willie Evans Jr.) and it’s short but sweet (and FREE TO DOWNLOAD). Very minimal instrumentation here for the most part. What I like is that each track is prefaced with a clip from a lecture on analog recording. It’s boastful like most hip hop, but Arsun doesn’t over-do it. In fact, I might say his arrogance is too downplayed altogether, overshadowed by his volume and aggressiveness. On the same note, I may not understand this “Nerdy South” ideology so maybe bragging about your vocabulary gets you points in this genre.

One thought on “Arsun F!st – Analog Sessions”

  1. Arsun Fist says:

    Thnx for the listen!

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