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Bear Hive – Wild Yonder

I haven’t been as excited about a new band in a really long time. The guys from Bear Hive gave me this EP in St. Louis and I did what I always do when someone gives me their music on the road. I kinda put it aside and try to remember to listen to it later. Now, I am not saying that all the bands that I meet when I am out and about are not good, but you tend to get a lot of music handed to you and even though it’s all good, there are few things that stand out. This EP struck me from the the first note, I think I played it 6 times in a row that day. All four songs on it could be a “hit”. Their sound reminds me of 90s Era Chicago bands that were on Thrill Jockey, but it’s not an exact replica of one of those old bands and it is different enough from anything I have heard from that label, or anything else new that it sounds fresh ( I am sorry that I used that word. I hate it too, but it’s the best descriptor.). I think this is their first EP and if you follow the link for them up there, you should be able to find this recording for free from them. I am hoping they are planning out a full length soon, and If they are reading this, I hope they tell me how I can get a copy. CHECK  DIS SHEEEET OUT!


Here is a little interview with them worth watching


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