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Bibio – Anything New

It’s glitchy, it’s head-bob inducing, it’s even kind of summery. “Anything New” is off Bibio’s new album, Mind Bokeh. The song doesn’t posses the normal hazy filter that projects in sound what watching an 8mm movie does in sight. In other words, the blurred textures that give Bibio (project of Stephen Wilkinson) such a distinct element to his folk-meets-electronic project, have recessed on this track in order to make way for something a little more beat oriented, clean, nearly danceable. The songs lyrics seem to imply a relationship that is ending because one party has decided they can go as far as they can with it, that they “Can’t learn anything new.” What a pity.

Wilkinson covers a wide range of sounds and emotions on his newest Warp release, from atmospheric and cerebral to hypnotic and trippy. Glimmers of pop even permeate the surface at times.

You should purchase Mind Bokeh at your local record store, or if you must, on iTunes.

Best Time and Place to Listen: That upcoming summer soiree you’re hosting . . . you do have a summer soiree planned don’t you?

If This Song Was a Celebrity It Would Be: Aristotle.

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