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Casiokids – Fot i hose

I just saw these six guys open for Starfucker. They should have headlined.

They’re Norwegian, but have New York indie electro-pop sensibilities. It’s half LCD Soundsystem, half Tahiti 80, half something else. (Yes, they give 150%)

Today’s track is instrumental (though most of their songs have vocals, in Norwegian) and completely exploits that single-note arpeggio, wobbly, primitive bass that all the dubstep people are [ab]using.

Best Place and Time to Listen: In person and at night.

If This Song Was a Celebrity It Would Be: Richard “Derek” Foreal

Casiokids – Fot i hose by Polyvinyl Records

One thought on “Casiokids – Fot i hose”

  1. Carlos Andujar says:

    Definitely a fun band.

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