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Clues – You Have My Eyes Now

There are those songs that completely center around a single climax. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about “You Have My Eyes Now,” but it’s that eventual dam break that comes bursting out of your speakers, permeating your space . . . and probably your head (read as “mind”) that makes it really significant. It’s brooding, wanting and eventually a sonic statement built on some desperate need to be heard, and of course, distortion.

This is the second song of the day appearance on Synconation for Clues, Alden Penner formerly of Unicorns and Brendan Reed formerly of Arcade Fire . . . as fine an indie rock resume as you can muster. This song comes off their self-titled and only record on Constellation Records. Let’s hope they are cooking something new up based on the strength of this first offering.

Best Time and Place to Listen: Anywhere you can listen and simultaneously star gaze. Sparklers would be a nice addition, but are optional.

If This Song Was a Celebrity It Would Be: Sharbat Gula. Was on the cover of National Geographic. The photo was the most popular that the magazine has ever published.

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