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Crystal Castles – Celestica

Crystal Castles comfortably reside in harsh, bold sound that can even feel inhuman at times. Perhaps Ethan Kath and Alice Glass are simply human fronts for an all robot band that produces detached and eerily hypnotic music in a quest to . . . hmmm, take over the world just seems trite at this point; perhaps take over super hip dance club floors? I love the vintage video game blips and bloops melded with big synthesizer sound and an unnerving element of pixelated distortion. But wait, do my ears deceive me? Did the robots feel like we were on to them? “Celestica” is warm, melodic and quite beautiful. Alice’s vocals are actually comforting and Ethan’s arrangement, while fairly standard is wildly engaging. Crystal Castles (II) (how robotic of an album title is that?) is a strong album featuring vintage electronic sound, sometimes dance-worthy, sometimes challenging, but always interesting tracks. Bravo robots, bravo. In the meantime, I’ll continue to look for S.O.S. messages from Ethan and Alice. If you hear anything resembling this: · · · — — — · · ·, please let me know.

Best time and place for to listen: Whenever you want to turn the lights off and imagine you are in a different universe.

If this song was a celebrity, it would be: The robot police from THX 1138.

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