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Dreams West – “Versailles”

North Carolina’s Dreams West has been hooking his listeners with his unique brand of VHS-drawn grooves for quite awhile now. This guy puts the “hyp” in “hypnagogic”! Did you throw up in your mouth a little bit just then? I know I did!!

ANYwho, he recently dropped today’s Song of the Day on his Soundcloud page which is chock full of sexy and addictive R&B grooves. “V ER SA ILES” is not too much of a departure in that it still has that distinctive, dirty, warbly quality that his songs generally have. However, he seems to have shifted up a decade to the early 90s as the beat in this song seems heavily influenced by the drum loop in Duran Duran’s “Come Undone”. Or maybe it has more of an early 90s bebop sound? Either way the cut is insatiable.

The opening synths that float on top of the sampled vinyl scratchiness almost trick your mind into thinking the track will take a more chilled out route but that idea is quickly dispelled with a hot smack of snare drum firing the signal to start the groove. It’s a great way to pull a listener into a song and Dreams West executes it very nicely here. From there on, you’re in for a smooth ride of solid groove. This song is best served chilled whilst riding in a fast sportscar. Enjoy!

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