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Dum Dum Girls – Coming Down

Posted on 24 Oct 11 SONG OF THE DAY | No Comments
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While most of the Dum Dum Girls sound would be more easily categorized into that 60s lo-fi, inflected garage pop, “Coming Down” off of the September 2011 release, Only in Dreams, shows a different direction. A lot of the guitar noise has been traded in for an emphasis on the vocals, something that may leave fans of the first album, I Will Be, wondering where the lo-fi, bedroom recorded sounding love has gone, but I feel like Only in Dreams is a far more realized album. “Coming Down” is not the best single representation of the album, but it hooked me in where a number of the other songs, while good and really well textured, wouldn’t have. The song takes a cue from Mazzy Star with a slow tempo, wandering guitar chords and a simple, nearly crash-free drum beat. Dee Dee’s voice may not be as ethereal as Hope Sandavol’s, but it’s beautiful and confident, think Chrissie Hynde meets Chan Marshall.

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