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Exhumed – Your Funeral, My Feast

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Do you, the discerning music fan, ever find yourself missing Carcass? I’m not talking about the “we’re-serious-musicians-now” Carcass of Heartwork or Swansong but when Carcass was REALLY a ghoulish force to be reckoned with, filling song after song with stomach-churning lyrics (and a dual vocal delivery to match), downtuned riffs that sounded like blunt force trauma to human flesh, and out of control spazzy drumming?

The racket Cracass made was so potent that it inspired a whole bunch of eager metalheads to buy medical dictionaries and VHS horror nasties by the ton, and downtune their guitars to the point where it sounded like bowels evacuating. And thus was born gorecore. Yep that’s the stuff. Most enthusiastic amongst their acolytes had to be Exhumed. Early albums like Slaughercult and Gore Metal ratcheted metal up to new gonzoid standards of depravity and now they have returned from a lengthy hiatus to basically shower you with blood and offal. As this track off last year’s stellar All Guts No Glory (how can you not love that?) amply demonstrates, they’re pretty much the philosopher kings of goregrind now. The out-of-control blastbeats give way at the end to a spooky, doomy coda with the two vocalists (one low, one nigh, natch) screaming the title over and over again.

Oh, and it gets better. They’re playing Thursday night at Freebird Live on a bill with Cannibal Corpse. Not that big of a fan of Cannibal Corpse’s live show, but this writer caught an Exhumed gig in some warehouse yearrrrrrrrrs ago and was suitably impressed by the vocalist vomiting all over the stage ten seconds into their set… and not missing a step! It’s a crucial mix of unusually tight musicieanship, spikes’n’leather, intense hair-whipping, and splatter-flick antics aplenty.

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