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Ford and Lopatin (formerly Games) – Joey Rogers

Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio

Those Brooklyn boys are at it again. Friends/synth-mashers Daniel Ford and Joey Lopatin are hard at work in the studio putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming album, Channel Pressure. Being the prolific YouTubers that they are, the guys recently uploaded a montage/preview of sorts for their new album which contained clips from their already released single, “Emergency Room“, today’s Song of the Day (“Joey Rogers”), and more.

Joey Rogers” may possibly be a peek into the guys’ soulful side with it’s smooth R&B-esque vocals interspersed here and there. Somebody’s been practicing their scales! In contrast with their cleverly-titled debut EP, That We Can Play, the duo has indicated that they have opted for far fewer moments of sampling this time around. That hasn’t hindered their songwriting ability in any way, though. Ford and Lopatin continue to showcase their ability and talent of writing catchy riffs and vocal melodies. Always ensuring that a song is lively and interesting, these guys are making music that burrows in your head and won’t leave for days!

Available this July on the Mexican Summer imprint Software Records (F&L’s new startup label), you’ll want to get your hands on a copy ASAP. This album will most definitely be on the tongue of every blogster/critic/hipster alike.

Best Time and Place to Listen: In your next karate tournament. Always remember… SWEEP THE LEG!

If This Song Was a Celebrity it Would Be: Ralph Macchio. Just replace the words in the song… “Raaaalph… Ralph Macchiiiiii-O!”

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