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Galaxie 500 – 4th of July

Galaxie 500 – 4th Of July by jesus_lizard

For you youngins out there, this was from an album released in 1990. I am friend with people that are younger than this song, yet it still sounds as if it could have come from a record that came out this month. Some of you know that this is an extremely influential band that spawned other great bands like Luna. I have chosen this song today for obvious reasons, But even without the connection, it’s an awesome song, I mean I have been in love with this band since I was about 16 and I never get sick of them. I remember buying the box set when I was a teenager and listening to it back to back to back. This song was always one of the songs that stuck out. I can’t tell if there is a big resurgence of 90s music, or if music is so accessible that people are just into everything, which would naturally include music from the 90s. If it is that the 90s are back in a big way, then I am guessing that Galaxie 500 will end up getting huge in a way that they weren’t before and hopefully they will start doing shows, if that haven’t already started doing that and I am just out of the loop.

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