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General Oglethorpe and The Panhandlers at Burro Bar on 3/19

Any band that plays a TED Talk event gets instant credibility for me. General Oglethorpe & The Panhandlers is a charming collection of talented musicians from Savannah, GA. Their press release suggests a “folk-tinged” sound, but their latest effort “…Not Dead, Yet!” is simply rock music. What I find most charming is the band’s two lead singers (male and female) singing inharmoniously and with varying intensities. On tracks like “Tiny Song”, you can hear hints of Arcade Fire  stemming from Anna Chandler’s vocals and accordion. It’s epic both lyrically and sonically, and might feel at home on a label like Elephant 6 or Merge.

Check them out on March 19th at Burro Bar in Jacksonville.

One thought on “General Oglethorpe and The Panhandlers at Burro Bar on 3/19”

  1. Generalomusic says:

    Hey guys! General O here–The version we sent was misidentified electronically. The album, “North of the River” features tracks:

    1) North of the River
    2) Our Neck of the Woods
    3) Sunday Best
    4) I
    5) Neptune’s Pride

    Thank you for the kind review! We look forward to playing in Jacksonville, see you tonight!

    -General O

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