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Generationals – When They Fight, They Fight

When I was in New Orleans in December of ’09, I requested a recommendation from the staff at the Louisiana Music Factory for a good band from the area. They immediately put Con Law by Generationals . . . a fantastic fucking recommendation. Initially I listened to it extensively, but it somehow slipped out of my rotation and I forgot about it until recently, Synconation’s co-founder, Tron, was pumping “When They Fight, They Fight” in his car. It all came flooding back. This is an incredible song and a fantastic album.

You could classify Generationals as indie rock but they are so much more than that. Their approach to writing and recording is almost Motown like from the instrumentation to the vocal layers . . . and it’s incredibly infectious. No song on the album embodies this more than “When They Fight, They Fight.”

But more important than further breaking the song down is to bestow a happy birthday wishes to the man behind the oversized sunglasses himself. Happy birthday Tron you rockstar.

Best Time and Place to Listen: Every time somebody says the word “birthday” or “hullabaloo.” Like a PeeWee’s Playhouse type thing.

If This Song Was a Celebrity It Would Be: Tron of course! His work was in Times Square, damn.

When They Fight, They Fight by brainpicker

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