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Giant Giant Sand – Forever And A Day

There is not much to say about this album or Giant Giant Sand, but to say that unless someone comes along and puts out one of the greatest albums ever made in the next 5 months, this will end up being my album of the year. This will probably end up being one of my favorite albums of all time. Howe Gelb is the Captain of this boat and he usually just goes by the moniker Giant Sand. He says that he chose to add another “Giant” to the name to note that the band and sound had expanded. Expanded indeed! If you like Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Black Heart Procession, and Gary Wilson then you will probably like this. It is a mix of all of those. Having said that, it stands on it’s own. It’s nothing new, it’s not fresh ground, it’s just done in a way that few have ever mastered before and I doubt anyone can do in the future. It’s warm, rustic, weird, and gut wrenching all at the same time…and I LOVE IT! If you like twangy country-ish weirdo music, you need to go out and buy this album. Like, now. Here, you can order it on the Fire Records website.

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