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Glasser – Apply

Posted on 24 Jan 11 SONG OF THE DAY | 1 Comment
Miranda July
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Miranda JulyI’ve been obsessed with this song for a couple of weeks, and for those of you who’ve already heard me talk about it, I apologize. It mixes all the things I love about Karen O, Hugo Largo, Bjork, and Cocteau Twins into one gorgeous song. I love that it sounds alternately forceful and fragile, and there’s this ethereal voice contrasting the powerful drum beat. Throw in some synthesizers, and it just gets me in the right spot.

Glasser is completely new to me and I’m learning the sound, which reminds me of the music I listened to in high school. But it still offers something unique that keeps it from being simple nostalgia. The girl behind the music is West Coast singer-songwriter Cameron Mesirow, whose album Ring is making a lot of Top 10 lists this year, including mine.

Best time and place to listen:
When you want to achieve enlightenment without the dream catcher and shaman.

If this song was a celebrity, it would be: Miranda July in Me and You and Everyone We Know

1 Comment

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