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Gospel Music – This Town Doesn’t Have Enough Bars For Both Of Us

Posted on 06 Oct 11 SONG OF THE DAY | No Comments
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Gospel Music – This Town Doesn’t Have Enough Bars For Both Of Us from Alan Del Rio Ortiz on Vimeo.

We’ve mentioned Gospel Music before – the jangly indie pop project by Owen Holmes’ of the Black Kids. After garnering a positive review on a blog that shall go unnamed, the band has released this new track that’s mellow enough for the fall, but sugary enough for the summer. Lo-fi, twee-ish, and leaning vocally toward Calving Johnson, I’m really in favor of the direction (especially in contrast to his other band). Our Jacksonville-based readers will be thrilled to see all the familiar hangouts featured in this video (the Florida Theater, Birdies, Austin Karaoke) and some cameos by the Black Kids. Catch them on tour around Florida, with new drummer/Synconation writer Cash Carter.

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