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Hammock – Breathturn

I’m wandering through the forest, through deep brush and plant life. The light through the roof of the trees is all I have to guide my steps. Suddenly, I emerge through an opening in the forest to discover an enormous rushing river of water at my feet. I lose my footing and plunge into the icy depths.

I’m powerless against the pull of the river’s strength and I can feel the strength of the current pull me under ever so slowly. The more I feel myself begin to sink, the more at peace I become. I let go and welcome the torrents around me.

Just as I’ve accepted my abyssal home, I find myself suddenly weightless, the rushing white foam of water now replaced with the striking cold of the air that I’m now traveling through.

My fall feels endless, as I plummet towards the bubbling waters below. After what feels like an eternity of blissful descent, my body strikes the open drink below and I’m weightless once more, surrounded by the dark blue serenity of the lake. I peer up to see light from above hitting the water’s surface, and I swim towards it. I feel delivered.

This is the journey I experience when I listen to Hammock’s latest single, “Breathturn“. The Nashville, TN, natives released an album earlier this year entitled, Chasing After Shadows…Living With the Ghosts, and if this post-rock, Eno-esque song is any indication of how the rest of the album will play out, I have a feeling that my journey will become only more magical and breathtaking as I listen on.

Embark on your own journey, and see why bands like Stars of the Lid and Sigur Ros are singing Hammock’s praises. Check out the ethereal audio and video for “Breathturn” below.

Best Place and Time for Listen: If your town has an aquarium, bring your iPod, and listen to this song!

If This Song Was a Celebrity It Would Be: David Morse at the end of Contact.

Be sure to read our interview with Hammock!

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