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Hospitality – Friends of Friends

Posted on 10 May 12 SONG OF THE DAY | No Comments
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It’s been a while since I posted some legit indie pop, so here it is.

Hospitality is a three piece from Brooklyn (of course) on Merge Records. “Friends of Friends” is carried by a gritty, driving guitar riff and accented by some fun saxophone that picks up the slack in the chorus. Listen carefully and there’s some sweet and short arpeggiated synths lingering in the background. It’s exciting and uplifting enough to get your feet tapping under your desk until someone looks at you. It fits in topically with bands like Gospel Music who want to write songs about nothing terribly important: bars, avoiding bars, clique clashes, etc. I can see this fitting into whatever Kristen Wiig does next on the big screen.

And yes, that is Maeby Funke.

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