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Ice Choir – Teletrips

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A little while ago, Brooklyn-based synth poppers, The Ice Choir, dropped a new single from their forthcoming album, Afar. Fronted by former The Pains of Being Pure at Heart drummer, Kurt Feldman, The Ice Choir have been steadily gaining steam by creating that “lost record of the 80s” sound. “Teletrips”  sounds about like what you would expect from this band at this point: Fluffy, breathy, and all-around pretty. The song’s marriage of lush vocals and well-placed percussion creates the perfect icy blend to counteract the hot summer vibes that are currently taking over the blogosphere this season.

This is the kind of song you might hear in the background of a romantic comedy from the 80s.  It has that light, “fluttery” feeling of two people going on their first date in the city but still retains enough lightheartedness to set the listener at a comfortable ease.

Definitively 80s yet just narrowly modern enough for the iPods of todays youth, “Teletrips” is a great gateway track for exploring the up and coming sparkly career of the band that is The Ice Choir. Be sure to check out Afar when it hits stores on July 31st via Underwater Peoples.

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