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In Came The Flood – Wintersleep


So, when I was just on tour we played with Wintersleep in Chicago. Watching these guys play made me wonder “Why in the hell are they playing before us? They should be the headliners.” They kinda blew me away, not only by their music and their stage performance, but also by how nice these guys are. I know most people don’t care about that, the average fan could care less how nice a musician is, but as a fellow musician I appreciate this. Especially when our lead singer wasn’t exactly friendly to them. Since getting home, I have now become a little obsessed with this album that technically came out the day after we played with them. It’s a solid album from front to back and I catch myself just leaving it on repeat while I am at work all day, and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. I am not sure what my favorite from this album is, but I chose this song because of it’s title and how appropriate it is for today. For those of you not living in Jacksonville, our beloved riverside is flooded. It is like a water-park up in this piece this week!

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