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inf – Power Moves, Baby

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For the last week or so I’ve only been listening to Com Truise. It was starting to eat away at me. It culminated in a Sunday night / Monday morning marathon of watching Terrorvision/Robocop/The Stuff  while trying to figure out where this nostalgia comes from (personally). At 3:30am on Monday I decided I had subjected myself to enough retrofuturism and decided to see what it could evolve into. This is where I ended up: the weird intersection of Javelin-like beats, with the symphonic stabs of Justice, and the calculated synth basslines of Com Truise. Read about Pedro INF here.


One thought on “inf – Power Moves, Baby”

  1. Inf says:

    The name is not Pedro INF…just Inf. And I am not signed to Some Bizarre Records, but to Beats Broke.



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