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J.Viewz – Salty Air

Yes, we are regurgitating here, but for several reasons:

  • Salty Air” is the summer track of 2011
  • J.Viewz’s new album, Rivers and Homes is available for pre-order
  • Sloth
  • We will be publishing a review of Rivers and Homes soon!

Without further ado, Carlos’s original post on “Salty Air.”



Holly Robinson Peete - 21 Jump Street

Summer is right around the corner! Never afraid to jump the gun here at Synconation, we’d like to share with you the perfect track to prepare for those warm and sunny days that are oh-so-close.

Comin’ atcha straight out of Brooklyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyn is, “Salty Air”, courtesy of Jonathan Dagan (a.k.a. J.Viewz). This super smooth track is packed full of summer goodness and is just begging to be listened to with a group of friends spending a day at the beach.

The folks over at Revlon also decided to take advantage of the chillwave extravaganza and used the track for one of their recent commercials which featured Oscar-speech-rambling actress Halle Berry.

Armed with a companion video that conveys the nostalgic summer imagery we all love and know, “Salty Air” could be the chillest thing you’ll hear this hot, hot summer!

Best Place and Time to Listen: Riding along the coast at sunset with the windows down.

If This Song Was a Celebrity It Would Be: Holly Robinson Peete from 21 Jump Street.

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