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JEFF the Brotherhood – Sixpack

Last week I posted a list of some of my favorite songs for the summertime, narrowing down the vast number of songs I could have included in that list by limiting it to music from people I know. But if I’d expanded the list further, this song would have been there. JEFF the Brotherhood, comprised of Nashville based brothers, Jake and Jamin Orrall, are currently touring in preparation of their July 17 debut LP release, Hypnotic Nights (Warner Bros. Records). “Sixpack” was included as part of a teaser EP to that album entitled Hypnotic Knights, and it harkens back to Weezer’s Blue Album days with its overall fuzziness and catchiness. Today, while I sit in front of a fan in an unairconditioned house, basking in the glory of the summer heat wave, there could not be a more fitting song.

You can stream the entire EP here and this week NPR added the forthcoming LP to their First Listen segment.



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