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Koko Beware – Beach Babe

The Garage-y/beach-y thing is certainly getting big right now, huh? It’s hard to sift through all of the bands that sound like that and pick the good ones out while still keeping the not-AS- good ones in your back pocket. Let’s be honest, pretty much all of the bands doing this sound are good. You can try to hate it if you want to, but it’s so damn catchy. Koko Beware is one of my favorites doing this right now. I can’t really tell you why, because trying to pick apart song writing and craftsmanship and recording quality in this type of music is like trying to separate different kinds of mud. Rich, shiny, wet, soothing mud. They will be playing Burro Bar on the 30th of August. I will be there, you can buy me a beer.

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