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Muse – Starlight

Posted on 02 Aug 11 SONG OF THE DAY | No Comments
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Well, we could feature something newer from Muse, but “Starlight” is just such a great song. The British three-piece has mass appeal due to their seamless infusion of prog rock, electronica and traditional rock-n-roll . . . all with some sort of indie rock sensibility, but that may just be the huge Radiohead influence pouring out. “Starlight” is off the band’s 2006 album, Black Holes and Revelations and is driven by a fuzzy bass line with a melodic piano hook. Matthew Bellamy’s vocal performance really seals the deal, showing his versatility for everything from gentle refrains to booming choruses. By all accounts it’s a radio anthem, and that’s fine by me, if everything on the radio were this good, well, I would actually listen to the radio.

Why are we reaching back five years for our song of the day? Muse will be at the Kanrocksas Music Festival and we’re pretty damn excited about it. The festival is loaded with great performers in addition to Muse like the Flaming Lips, Kid Cudi, Major Lazer and Eminem. Tune in for festival coverage!

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